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Today marks a bittersweet moment for us here at Smash365, as Cara and I say farewell to all of you. Today’s creativity prompt, Farewell, will be our last.

We have enjoyed this run of writing and sharing these daily inspirations with all of you. For nearly two years, we have written creative prompts for you every single day, accumulating nearly 600 opportunities for inspiration and creative growth. We hope that they have served an energizing purpose in your life; they certainly have in ours. Writing and sharing them with you has been both a challenge and an honor that has helped us each, personally and professionally.

For Cara, she will continue expanding her work internationally, exhibiting her photography in galleries and wellness centers, promoting spiritual growth and meditation. She will continue to work with artists and photographers with her down-to-earth, life-enriching programs. I have worked with Cara for many years, and each day, I learn something new and inspiring that is immediately applicable to my own life. She is wonderfully intuitive, and those that work with her are equally inspired. She seems to always have room for one or two more people to work with and to mentor; If you are looking for creative inspiration and focus, and you are looking for it right now, there’s no one better than Cara to empower you. Send her an email and let her know (she’s the last person in the world to put pressure on anybody). You can reach her at caramoulds.com.

For me, I will continue to work with individuals who are ready to tell their stories. My work with victims of abuse has become an extension of my direct efforts to promote wellness and kindness in communities, fostering environments rich with compassion and understanding of others. Unfortunately, bullying and intimidation have sparked unthinkable acts in our communities. We need to return to establishing strong foundations of mutual respectkindness, and love. It all begins with adding one little word in front of each of these pillars: self. When we practice self-respect, self-kindness, and self-love, we naturally provide others with the same opportunities to see themselves in a kinder, stronger light. If you are interested in learning more about my efforts to build stronger individuals and develop stronger communities, or if you are a victim of bullying or another form of abuse and want to share your story, you can reach me directly at linesoflove.org or rusvw.net.

Our Final Creativity Prompt:

Instead of seeing a farewell as an ending, how might you see it as a new beginning for you? Write or create, for at least 20 minutes, how a “farewell” in your life has really meant the beginning of something new.

After you have finished creating today’s prompt, reflect on it throughout the day with the following guiding question:

RIGHT NOW, how can I manifest, in my own life, the wonderful things that are possible with this new beginning? How can I make this present moment matter?

Wishing you inspiration and peace,

Cara and Rus