Nano Bootcamp

Are you psyched to write a NOVEL in a MONTH in NOVEMBER with hundreds of thousands of other crazy, inspired writers during Nanowrimo??   WE ARE!

We love Nanowrimo so much, we’ve created a special gift for you.

30 Days: 30 Quotes, 30 Prompts


to get your FREE daily dose of writing encouragement.

Once it starts, we’ll be sending you emails every day to keep you pumped up and productive. We’ll be the Jillian Michaels of Nanowrimo to make sure you’re not the Biggest Loser. We’ll be shouting word counts at you in ALL CAPS and prompting you with scenarios, tidbits of dialogue, interesting photos, what-if questions and more. We’ll blast your in-box with daily homework assignments like that English teacher you hated in high school (but without the red pen). You’ll love us and curse us, depending on your word count!

So get your sleep while you can and dream of interesting plot twists. November 1 is only days away!

50,000 words, here we come!

Cara & Rus

Subscriptions for Nano Bootcamp 2011 are closed.