Smash365: The Daily Prompts

#smash365 is an online initiative and 365 day writing challenge to help you smash the fears, resistance, self-doubt & procrastination that keep you from being the artist, entrepreneur, creator & genius you are meant to be.


What We’ll Do

1. We’ll provide daily quotes or questions that spark inspiration, creativity, and irrational happiness.

2. We’ll provide a forum for you to share your responses and interact with others taking the pledge.


“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” – Steven Pressfield, Do the Work


What You’ll Do If You Take the Pledge

1. Your pledge for 365 days begins on the day you commit to action.

2. Fill out the form below to commit.

3. Reflect on the prompt. Think deeply. Expand your vision of what is possible.

4. Respond to the prompt each day in your own way.  Blog, journal, photograph, paint, create something. Talk into a voice recorder. Make a podcast. Write a song. Make a video. Smash your resistance and ACT.

5. Tweet using the hashtag #smash365 to share what you did, or post your response on the facebook page.

6. Be inspired by other participants.  Explore their responses through #smash365.  Post links and start discussions on the facebook page.

Take The Pledge


accept the challenge to participate in Smash365 to smash my resistance and allow my creative genius to flourish.


My email address is

I vow to reflect on each prompt, to respond in my own way, and to share with others when it feels right on facebook or twitter with hashtag #smash365.


Together we will smash resistance and live boldly. Together we will act on our dreams.